The biggest dance competition in the world is coming to Romania for the first time!

May 24 & 25, 2021, Bucharest

Youth America Grand Prix presents Youth Grand Prix ROMANIA

YGP Romania comes close to the competitors from Eastern Europe and wants to be a brand event in this area.

We are waiting in Bucharest, Romania, for all those who want to shine on stage

where young talents have the opportunity to stand out, to excel, to be appreciated!

The biggest and most important dance competition in the world is coming to Romania for the first time!

We are delighted to organize the semifinals of the 2021 Youth Grand Prix 2021 ballet competition in Bucharest, Romania. We are proud to present performances and training opportunities for dancers from Eastern Europe who are looking to compete in classical and contemporary dance performances, take part in master classes and become eligible to participate in the New York City finals.

We wish you good luck this season!

WHAT IS Youth Grand Prix

YOUTH GRAND PRIX (YGP) is the largest global dance network in the world. The mission of dance education is achieved by offering scholarships, conducting master classes, services for graduates, educational and communication activities, shows and films within the YGP editions.

YGP reaches over 12,000 students annually by organizing workshops, scholarship auditions, master classes and auditions in 25 US cities and 8 international locations. Each season culminates with a week-long finale in New York, where more than 1,200 of the world’s most promising student-dancers receive in-depth guidance and greater career and performance opportunities. The final in New York is crowned by the “Stars of Today Meet the Stars of Tomorrow” Gala, which concludes the Competition, where the students with the greatest potential will be with the stars of today’s top dance companies.

Youth Grand Prix Romania

May 24 & 25, 2021 at the Bucharest National Theatre

YGP Romania welcomes young dancers who want to assert themselves on an international stage, who want to be evaluated by top teachers, who want to access scholarships to world-renowned schools or who want to feel the emotions of a contest where you can compare training with the best in the guild!

Bucharest National Theatre is our partner who joins the project and opens its doors to new challenges!

Bucharest National Theatre is an institution – a landmark for Romanian culture, a true national cultural brand being also one of the main image generators of Romania.


To reserve a place in any of the groups, a non-refundable registration fee of 95.00 euros must be paid to YGP Romania. Only registered participants who complete the payment at least 20 days before the competition date will be included in the final program.

Please refer to the YGP Romania Rules and Regulations for further details.


Bucharest, the capital of Romania, also called Little Paris, is the place where you should visit this spring! Declared „a city to be discovered” by influential outlets like Vogue

and Mojo

Besides active cultural life, theater, dance or musical performances, you can visit the museums in the center of the capital, the wonderful parks blooming in April, to enjoy good quality Romanian or international cuisine! 

Bucharest is a vibrant, contrasting and cool city, full of history and posh places. An unforgettable and overwhelming experience.

Taste it! Feel it!

Registrations have opened!